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Our carbon calculator gives you the freedom to crunch the numbers and show you the estimated CO2 emission for the entire transportation of your shipment, from pickup to final destination - whether it's rail, barge, vessel or a combined transport.

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A multimodal transport route couldn't be found between these cities.

CO2 Savings
% CO2 saved
Type of equipment
Standard 45ft container
CO2 saved using
multimodal vs truck only

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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

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Shortsea March 12 2019 Brexit Landscape Conference - Interview with Marcin Jaczewski

On March 6, Unifeeder's Marcin Jaczewski, General Manager of Sales in Eastern Europe, participated in the Brexit Landscape Conference and gave an...

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Shortsea January 29 2019 Unifeeder's extensive network just got bigger

New Service between Gdynia and DP World London Gateway

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Shortsea December 18 2018 Multimodal transportation - a Brexit supply chain solution

As the date for the Brexit deal announcement is nearing, shippers fear that their cargo may experience delays and bottlenecks should the introduction...

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Shortsea October 24 2018 Let's talk Green Transport

There are a lot of challenges facing intra-European road transport. Among them are market-related or seasonal volume fluctuations, capacity...

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Shortsea October 3 2018 Timm Niebergall - New Shortsea Director

Unifeeder is pleased to announce the appointment of Timm Niebergall as the new director of Shortsea services.

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Shortsea September 17 2018 Unifeeder increases capacity and coverage to the UK

In order to fulfill the strong market demands during the upcoming peak season, Unifeeder is adding a larger vessel to our direct service to the UK...

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Shortsea August 17 2018 Ranheim Paper & Board chooses the green alternative

Unifeeder enters into a unique transport agreement with Greencarrier, Green Cargo, and Ranheim Paper & Board.

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Shortsea August 2 2018 Europe's largest shortsea network just got bigger

We are happy to announce that, from the 15th of August, Unifeeder’s customers will enjoy a direct vessel connecting Antwerp and Dunkerque with...

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Shortsea July 16 2018 Unifeeder adds second frequency to our Lower Baltic-UK route

We are happy to announce that starting from July, Unifeeder is adding a second frequency to our Lower Baltic - UK route.

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Shortsea June 7 2018 Unifeeder Shortsea - now with SQAS Attestation

We are very pleased to inform you that Unifeeder Shortsea has now obtained the SQAS attestation as of May 22, 2012

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