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Our Journey

in delivering innovative transport solutions

Unifeeder was founded in 1977 in Denmark. From operating one single route more than forty years ago between Sweden, Denmark and Germany, Unifeeder has now become a leading multi-regional Feedering, Multimodal and NVOCC service operator in the world serving over hundreds of ports throughout many geographies including Europe, Asia, the Wider India Subcontinent, Middle East, Africa, and Americas.


1977: First offices established in Aarhus and Copenhagen

1978: Unifeeder expands with calls at Oslo and other ports in the Oslo Fjord

1981: Unifeeder establishes a feeder service to and from Finland

1985: New department for European Shortsea traffic

1986: Establishment of Unifeeder Norway AS


1992: Establishment of Unifeeder Sweden AB

1993: Establishment of Unifeeder Finland Oy

1995: Turnover passes 500,000 TEU mark

1998: St. Petersburg and Tallinn added to the network

1999: Opening of Unifeeder Germany GmbH


2003: Turnover passes the 1M TEU mark

2007: Opening of Unifeeder Sweden AB in Helsingborg

2008: Zeebrugge is added to the trade area

2010: Unifeeder acquires IMCL


2011: Unifeeder establishes own UK office

2012: Feeder services introduces in the Mediterranean

2012: Unifeeder acquires Feederlink

2013: Nordic Capital acquires Unifeeder

2014: Danica Pension acquires a minority shareholding

2015: Unifeeder acquires Tschudi Line

2016: Area Scandinavia is established in Copenhagen

2017: Area Central Europe established in Hamburg

2017: Area Eastern Europe established in Gdynia

2018: DP World acquires Unifeeder 

2019: Unifeeder acquires Feedertech and Perma Shipping Line


2021: Unifeeder acquires Transworld Feeders, Avana Logistek & Avana Global

2021: Unifeeder begins operations in the Wider Indian Subcontinent, Asia, and Middle East

2022: Unifeeder Shortsea and P&O Ferrymasters unite in an agreement based joint venture

2022: Unifeeder starts operations in South Africa, Mozambique, Eswatini, and Zimbabwe

2023: Unifeeder begins operations in Americas, with a focus on improving logistics between Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Haiti

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