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Bunker Adjustment Factor for Feeder/Shipper Owned Containers (SOC) - Colombo

Applicable surcharges: BAF

The BAF is reviewed on a monthly basis, and the BAF level is based on the average price for the range of the preceding month. The new monthly BAF will be stated no later than on the 10th and will become effective on 15th of the same month. BAF will be valid till the 14th of the following month. With regards to other air pollutants, Unifeeder meets the strict environmental standards in all its operations. 



Average Cost

Colombo-South India

Direct Ports VV

South India through Ports - Chittagong/Singapore or PortKlang






February 2023 15 $672-691,99 $30 $15 $60 $30
March 2023 17 $712-731,99 $34 $17 $68 $34
April 2023 13 $632-651,99 $26 $13 $52 $26
May 2023 14 $655,68 $28 $14 $56 $28
June 2023 13 $637.18 $26 $13 $52 $26
July 2023 13 $644.90 $26 $13 $52 $26
August 2023 13 $643.29 $26 $13 $52 $26
September 2023 15 $675.27 $30 $15 $60 $30


*Above average Colombo bunker rates from the previous month.

Bunker costs are based on:

  • The bunker costs are based on LSFO

  • The BAF surcharge will be in addition to the slot invoice for the period of 15th September 2023 to 14th October 2023

  • OOG - BAF will be applicable on the base + slot loss

  • The bunker surcharge will be as per level: Position level 15 for the month of September 2023.

BAF Updates Colombo