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A multimodal transport route couldn't be found between these cities.

CO2 Savings
% CO2 saved
Type of equipment
Standard 45ft container
CO2 saved using
multimodal vs truck only

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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

Did you know that availability of alternative fuels is the most important prerequisite for achieving the industry's decarbonization goals?

However, alternative fuel accessibility is a greater challenge than providing technically capable ships! 

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The Fuel Challenge

The availability and accessibility of renewable energy and fuels is a challenge across industries. There will be competition for renewable energy sources, because it is not only shipping that needs to decarbonize. Renewable electricity and the facilities to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives such as methane, methanol and ammonia have to be built up on a much larger scale. For methane and methanol, there is also the particular challenge of having to use atmospheric or biogenic carbon dioxide.

Availability and access to renewable fuels go hand in hand with the demand for such fuels. This demand is now being built up on a larger scale together with our market participants.

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