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Our aspiration is to decarbonize feeder operations across the world, enabling cargo owners and main liner operators the option of decarbonizing the full waterborne transport. 

With our GreenBox Solution, it is now possible!

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Now, you have the power to make your shipping emissions carbon-neutral with Unifeeder

The demand for sustainable solutions has never been louder. From our planet, from our customers, and from end consumers who are willing to compensate for green alternatives.

In Unifeeder we are investing heavily into new vessels powered by alternative fuels. This is crucial if we are to reach our ultimate goal of being net-zero by 2050.

To meet your demand for climate-neutral transportation, we are introducing GreenBox - a simple, flexible and reliable solution to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping activities and overall supply chain.

With every nautical mile sailed using these alternative fuels, Unifeeder significantly cuts down on CO2 emissions. The savings are converted into carbon insets - allowing our customers to purchase these tokens or ‘insets’ for bolstering environmental credentials. The funds generated are then reinvested into further decarbonization efforts to accelerate our green transition.

The process is rigorously following the methodology of the Smart Freight Center and verified by a reputable external verifier.



Let us together make an important contribution to a greener world

It is now possible to acquire Unifeeder generated carbon insets, and thereby decarbonize your supply chain scope 3 emissions, helping you reach your vital sustainability goals.

While traditional offsetting projects support external green initiatives, our carbon insetting system invests into our supply chain and thereby directly decarbonizing the shipping industry.

The demand for prudent and sustainable action is evident, and with our GreenBox you can now achieve real and measurable CO2 reductions.

Let us together make an important contribution to a greener world, by turning your box into a GreenBox.


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By collaborating collectively, we can achieve our mission to substantially decrease our carbon footprint.

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Turn your box into a GreenBox

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