Ethical Business Conduct

It is important for Unifeeder to be a trustworthy and serious partner in all circumstances and towards all stakeholders.

Unifeeder, therefore, strives to be a responsible and positive contributor to both the local and the international community. Relevant laws and regulations, including applicable environmental conventions, must be adhered to, and employees, customers, and suppliers must be treated with respect. Unifeeder respects human rights and the cultural, religious and political traditions and systems of the countries that are served, just as Unifeeder distance themselves from all forms of discrimination based on geographical origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or the like.
To guide the employees in dealing with ethical business practices, Unifeeder has a standing Code of Conduct which sets out how employees are expected to act in relation to customers, suppliers, competitors and the world in general. The Code of Conduct is distributed to all employees. It has also been distributed to Unifeeder’s business partners and made available to all interested parties on the individual companies’ website.
Unifeeder will work within the laws and regulations of each country and managers, sales staff and other relevant staff are trained in competition law and they have signed that they:
  • understand the rules and the consequences for Unifeeder if they these are not complied with
  • will comply with the rules anytime.


Unifeeder has a whistleblower system for employees and business partners should they suspect a breach of the guidelines:
  • to report a concern, please go to dpworld.ethicspoint.comThe service is run by a specialized external service provider that acts as an intermediary, and which relays only the content of received messages without forwarding any metadata that could be used to identify the individual providing the information. Therefore, if you do not wish to enclose your name, the report will be completely anonymous.
  • otherwise, a concern can also be raised just by calling the Group Compliance Officer.


Speak Up - whistleblower hotline

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