Unifeeder Customs Procedure

Unifeeder is an 'Authorised Economic Operator'

Unifeeder has been proven as a reliable, safe and secure business partner by achieving status as Authorised Economic Operator by the EU customs administration. 
The Unifeeder AEO certificate covers "Customs Simplifications" and "Security and Safety" and is valid for Unifeeder A/S and all Unifeeder branch offices within the EU. 
As Unifeeder customer your main benefits are:

  •  Safe and Secure transportation
  •  High performance on customs procedures
  •  Access to simplified customs procedures
  •  Fewer customs controls and red carpet treatment in many countries
  •  Good relations with customs and government authorities
  •  Possibility of using AEO traders throughout the end-to-end supply chain
  •  Mutual recognition of the AEO program with USA, China, Japan, Norway and Switzerland resulting in faster movements across borders
  • Deadlines to submit complete details in shipment orders

    In general, deadlines to submit complete information will be during the previous normal working day, within normal office hours, prior to the shipment date. Deadlines will always be prior to the loading of the goods, subsequent prior to arrival and discharge of the ship. Country-specific deadlines exist for the submission of complete details. Please contact your local office for documentation deadlines and local customs procedures.

    Required cargo details in shipment orders

    Loaded and empty containers and break-bulk cargoes:

  •  Shipper's full address and the EORI number (if existing)
  •  Consignee's full address and EORI number (if existing)
  •  Acceptable goods description (no generic descriptions). When available, please include the HS code
  •  Package type (code)
  •  Number of packages
  •  Container number
  •  Cargo gross weight
  •  Verified Gross Mass of Container / VGM
  •  UN Code for dangerous goods with full details
  •  Transport charges method of payment code (by definition account holder with Unifeeder)
  •  Movement reference numbers (MRN's) - if/when locally required

In addition to the above, basic shipment information with specific customer and/ or country related information still to be submitted to Unifeeder.


National customs requirements

In some countries, specific data elements are required in addition to, or as a substitute for, standard shipment details. Please contact your local office regarding local requirements customs procedures. 

EU customs procedures to ensure safety and security

The EU regulation 1875/2006 define safety and risk assessments on the import and export of goods between EU and non-EU countries in order to increase safety and security. These regulations define mandatory cargo details and the deadlines for the submission of this information to the customs authorities. 

Entry Summary Declarations (ENS)

When bringing goods into the EU from any third countries, ENS must be lodged at the first EU port the vessel calls after a third port. Within the EU “Shortsea area, ENS must be lodged at the latest 2 hours before the vessel’s arrival at the EU port. 

Exit Summary Declarations (EXS)

When bringing goods out of the EU area for discharging at a third countries EXS is mandatory, only when no export customs declaration exists. EXS may be required by loading empty containers when a BL change data during transit or when goods stay for a long period in transit on a terminal.  

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