Did you know that the fleet efficiency program is an important part of Unifeeder's Decarbonization Strategy?

Unifeeder Fleet Efficiency Program

Renewable fuels and new vessels will not be available overnight. Unifeeder will rely on the currently operated vessels for several more years. To act immediately, solutions to reduce GHG emissions for the existing fleet are needed.

An important part of our decarbonization strategy is therefore to implement measures that will enable us to significantly reduce fuel consumption and thus cut GHG emissions by 47% by 2030!


Our fleet efficiency program consists of four main elements:

Logistic and & Digitization

Increase utilization of vessels operated and optimize vessel operations and routing, terminal operations and container stowage planning. 

Hydrodynamics & Machinery

Implement measures to reduce hull resistance and using solutions to optimize engine operation.

Usage of renewable fuels

Use of biofuels can significantly reduce GHG emissions,  e.g. the use of "B30" enables a reduction of up to 25%, which we already use in Northern Europe.

New Vessels

New vessels consume significantly less fuel than older vessels of the same size. We need new vessels for renewable fuels, and we are ready to take the next steps with the right partners at our side.

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