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A multimodal transport route couldn't be found between these cities.

CO2 Savings
% CO2 saved
Type of equipment
Standard 45ft container
CO2 saved using
multimodal vs truck only

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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

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March 14 2023 New Feeder Service between the Dominican Republic, Haiti & Puerto Rico

A fixed weekly schedule will ease the logistics between Caucedo, Port au Prince and San Juan

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January 13 2023 Launched a multimodal service to move scrap for Tata Steel

We have recently launched our Multimodal Service to move scrap from Chennai to Tata Steel plants in Orissa using the short sea route. This is a...

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Feeder November 28 2022 Expanding in the Irish Sea

Unifeeder is adding Greenock, Scotland to its Irish Sea Services.

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Feeder November 21 2022 New direct service connecting the Baltic Sea with the UK

We are happy to announce an expansion to the Unifeeder network by launching a new service.

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Feeder October 19 2022 Adding UAE coastal service

Collaborating with our sister company P&O Maritime Logistics, we are adding a new coastal service for the United Arab Emirates to support key...

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Corporate October 18 2022 A cleaner alternative to polluting truck shunts

Collaborating with software specialist DAKOSY and DIHLA, we will facilitate environmentally friendly container transfers between the major terminals...

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Feeder October 7 2022 2x New weekly services connecting Wilhelmshaven to Scandinavia

We are happy to announce an expansion to the Unifeeder network by launching two new services.

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Feeder September 26 2022 New weekly service Klaipeda-Immingham

Together with Associated British Ports (ABP), we have launched a new service from Klaipeda in Lithuania to the Port of Immingham, Lincolnshire.

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August 31 2022 P&O Maritime Logistics partners with Unifeeder in the Middle East region

Our partnership with P&O Maritime Logistics will increase connectivity across the Red Sea between Port of Jeddah & Port of Sudan and help optimize...

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Feeder August 9 2022 New MJI Service for East Africa cargo via Mombasa, Kenya.

Expand your cargo connection opportunities with the latest addition to our African network. Get your cargo load-ready for the second week of August...

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