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Unifeeder acquired Avana Logistek in 2021

Offering multimodal supply chain solutions across India

Avana Logistek, part of Unifeeder Group, is the first and largest company to provide coastal containerized services linking all the major ports in India. With an extensive network, we cater to more than 23,000 satisfied customers and extend our reach to over 2,000 inland destinations, connecting seamlessly with the major ports along both the eastern and western coasts of the nation.

Multimodal Coastal Services

Vessel carrying containers at sea

Increased Reliability

Operation 24/7/365

Sea Transport is smoother and less affected by factors such as traffic congestion, fuel price fluctuation, and weather-related disruptions. This makes seaborne trade more reliable, and an efficient means of transporting goods and materials compared to road transport.

Vessel - zero decarbonization shipping

Cost Effective

One vessel can transport the equivalent of 700 truckloads.

The coastal movement of cargo is highly efficient and optimized utilization of the vessels enables large-scale operations thus reducing the transportation costs while providing flexible, door-to-door solutions. 

Aerial view of Cochin Port Terminal

Sustainable Alternative

Coastal transportation results in almost 47% lower CO2 emissions when compared to road transport

At Unifeeder, we recognise our environmental responsibilities and are committed towards contributing to the reduction of local, national & global emission. The transportation of cargo by sea along the coast significantly reduces carbon emissions when compared to road transportation. Furthermore, we are always adopting greener alternatives while extending our transport solutions to our clients. 

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Safer Mode of Transport

Significantly reduced cargo damage

The expenses associated with accidents and the risks of cargo damage are notably lesser when utilizing sea routes when compared to road transportation. 

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