Intermodal transportation - a Brexit supply chain solution


As the date for the Brexit deal announcement is nearing, shippers fear that their cargo may experience delays and bottlenecks should the introduction of customs declarations hit their supply chain. With many uncertainties remaining over the future of EU-UK trading relationship, Unifeeder believes that intermodal transportation is the key to an optimal Brexit solution.


Unlike driver accompanied direct truck transport, containerized cargo is well suited to customs processes. If customs clearance or other checks are required, the containers can be stored safely at the terminal.


At Unifeeder we have more than 40 years of experience dealing with import and export between EU and non-EU countries. As many of the containers handled by Unifeeder come from outside of EU, we are used to dealing with cargo which requires customs formalities. That experience makes it easy to shift the UK business from EU rules and procedures to those already in place for cargo moving to/from non-EU countries. 


We offer our container services on door/door or port/port basis between five UK Ports: Grangemouth, South Shields, Teesport, Immingham, Felixstowe connecting our four Continental Gateways (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Dunkerque) as well as more than 20 ports in the Baltics and Scandinavia. The UK is a significant part of our network and we are ready to handle your cargo now and in the future. See our coverage map


Regardless of the details of the Brexit deal, Unifeeder will strive to operate on a ‘business as usual’ basis and provide a smooth flow of our customer’s cargo in and out of the UK. We are happy to discuss how our transport solutions can ease the challenges of a possible hard Brexit already now. Just contact your local Unifeeder office and we will take your bookings. In case you have any questions regarding Brexit, you are welcome to contact us at  

What is intermodal transportation?

When intra-European cargoes are carried from door-to-door, seaborne transport is combined with rail and/or road into an intermodal transport chain.  Use of containers offers the possibility of an effortless move of cargo between rail, road and water transport, making the switching costs as low as possible.

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