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A new online platform that takes the lead in digitalizing logistics and making supply chains transparent.

We are happy to announce that we have just launched a new online platform for our Shortsea customers, named myUnifeeder. myUnifeeder.com is an online tool for small and midsize shippers that makes the booking process for multimodel transports in Europe a lot easier and fully transparent. This enables you to simplify your business and gain full transparency of your logistics setup.

“The market is changing, and our customers would like to make their supply chain management more efficient – and also more online. We have listened to our customers, and we are very proud to announce the implementation of our platform myUnifeeder,” states Timm Niebergall, Shortsea Director.

myUnifeeder brings about several significant advantages, but four in particular.

1) Fast and easy

With myUnifeeder, you can instantly place your spot bookings. The system provides you with instant quotes and several options in terms of sailing schedules and prices. You can easily order port-to-port and door-to-door transportation, and you will always have access to the newest spot rates.

2) Track your shipment

The platform enables you to track your shipment anywhere, anytime. You will gain access to a simple dashboard, providing you with an overview of open, completed, and canceled orders. You will be able to find status updates on your cargo at different stages of transit. Once you know exactly what is going on in your supply chain, you can make fact-based decisions.

3) Available 24/7

myUnifeeder is available 24/7. You can book anywhere, anytime at your convenience. This allows your operation to go on without any disruptions. No longer do you need to pay respect to various time zones or working hours.

4) Replicate/copy

With myUnifeeder, you can replicate spot bookings with a few clicks. This enables you to finish a similar booking in less than a minute. Stop wasting time on time-consuming booking processes. Spend it on developing your business.


At Unifeeder, we are excited about this new tool, which we believe to be the key for small and midsize shippers to gain full control and transparency of their supply chains.

“The intra-European full-load market is changing rapidly. The market is requiring digital tools, which makes the booking journey efficient and convenient – in particular for spot business,” says Florian Ambach, Commercial Director, Shortsea.


Are you ready to simplify your business? Then join us at myUnifeeder.com.


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