Partnerships growing beyond Brexit

With many uncertainties still remaining over the future of EU-UK trading relationship, shippers are starting to look outside of traditional transportation modes like ferry-based trucking.

Major shift in the shipping industry

With many uncertainties still remaining over the future of EU-UK trading relationship, shippers are starting to look outside of traditional transportation modes like ferry-based trucking. Whilst the conventional European supply chains are being disrupted, intermodal containerized transportation gains more popularity.

‘There is a perception that the UK’s departure from the EU might impose delays and bottlenecks on hubs like Dover however, at ABP we are keen to offer alternative solutions. Should there be an introduction to customs clearance processes being imposed, the limited space and hourly sailings could prove problematic, leaving shippers looking for other alternatives. ABP is investing heavily in new equipment and technology at the Immingham Container Terminal, in order to facilitate the potential increase in shipping.” says Alistair Campbell, Terminal Manager, Immingham Container Terminal at ABP.


Unifeeder increases capacity to the UK

The Port of Immingham currently being the UK’s largest and key international gateway is better suited to handle the burdens and delays that Brexit may bring. Unifeeder has been scaling up sailings to Immingham in order to accommodate the market demand and potential increase in containerized intermodal transports. 

With our multi-port strategy, operating between five UK ports and connecting to the most important continental Gateways, together with extensive and flexible inland transportation, we can offer our customers door-to-door solutions from most of Europe to anywhere in the UK. (See our coverage)


"There is a clear correlation between the macro-economic developments in the UK and growth of containerized imports to the UK. Unifeeder is simply trying to support and facilitate this development in an optimal way. We strive to provide highly-optimized logistic solutions, which can withstand the post-Brexit implications."

Omer Ceran, Operations Director at Unifeeder


Local businesses growing despite Brexit uncertainties

One of our local partners - Humber Ports Logistics is increasing its fleet with the addition of 25 new trucks, to support Unifeeder’s bookings and to make sure that our customer's cargo reaches its destination on time. Five trucks have already been delivered, and the company awaits 20 more to be delivered during the spring season.

‘Humber Ports Logistics main objectives are to work closely with our customers and help them achieve a competitive edge in the market place. We have been working with Unifeeder for 7 years and together we provide competitive and tailor-made door-to-door transport solutions.’ commented Jamie Benton, Director at Humber Ports Logistics.

Omer Ceran continued about the partnership „It's great to see local companies growing through an international partnership – especially during this time of immense shortage of truck drivers in the UK. We would like to applaud Humber Ports Logistics and also ABP for their initiatives in not only contributing to keep Britain trading, but to excel during these political and economic changes”


Intermodal transport - Brexit supply chain solution 

Regardless of the details of the Brexit deal, Unifeeder will strive to operate on a ‘business as usual’ basis and provide a smooth flow of our customer’s cargo in and out of the UK. We are happy to discuss how our transport solutions can ease the challenges of a possible hard Brexit.

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Leave your logistics to experts

Leave it to us

Unifeeder’s Shortsea Services provide European customers with fully intermodal door-to-door solutions, combining seaborne transportation with road and/or rail. Unifeeder tailors solutions to suit individual needs using our extensive network and frequent connections. When it comes to key factors such as safety, lead time, emissions and cost, Shortsea is a highly competitive alternative to conventional road transport.