Unifeeder Group makes major decarbonization move with VARO Energy’s advanced, renewable B100 biofuel

Unifeeder has bunkered its first truly sustainable 100% biofuel from VARO Energy ("VARO")  in the Port of Rotterdam.

This is the first biofuel collaboration between Unifeeder and VARO, which supports both companies’ ambition to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of European transportation and improve the environmental impact of the shipping industry.

In September 2021, feeder vessel Elbsummer was bunkered biofuel B50 (50% biofuel / 50% MGO). It then underwent a scheduled main engine overhaul, which allowed the biofuel B100 (100% biofuel) to be trialed. Unifeeder has now bunkered 400 mt of VARO’s Advanced Renewable Biofuel B100A during Elbsummer’s recent call to the Port of Rotterdam.

VARO’s advanced biofuels are produced from certified feedstocks labeled as waste or residue. Biofuel B100 reduces CO2 emissions up to 90% well-to-exhaust and eliminates SOX emissions almost entirely.

Unifeeder - which is owned by global leading supply chain solutions firm, DP World - is positioning itself as a frontrunner for sustainability in shipping and is fully dedicated to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions for its fleet by at least 50% by 2040.

Hans Staal, Director, Fuel Supply at Unifeeder, said: “Being able to operate our vessels on 100% biofuel is a true game-changer and a major stepping stone on Unifeeder's journey towards net-zero emissions. We applaud the support and constructive approach seen from the vessel’s owners, Elbdeich Reederei, and look forward to implementing biofuels on many other vessels in our fleet during 2022.”

“This is the energy transition in action. A fundamental part of our strategy is to enable our customers to decarbonize by providing solutions for their cleaner energy needs. By working together with them and by providing new, cleaner energy products we can together accelerate the transition to new solutions the world needs. It is our privilege to serve Unifeeder and we are excited by this new collaboration.”, Dev Sanyal, CEO VARO commented.

This latest Unifeeder announcement follows last year’s launch of its Actual Emission Tracker, a tool that allows for users to calculate greenhouse gas emissions at the specific Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU) level, providing companies with further insight into the carbon impact of their activity.


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