P&O Maritime Logistics partners with Unifeeder in the Middle East region

Our partnership with P&O Maritime Logistics will increase connectivity across the Red Sea between Port of Jeddah & Port of Sudan and help optimize customer supply chains by ensuring faster cargo turnaround.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with P&O Maritime Logistics which will help in decongestion of customer supply chains with the unique Multi Carrying Vessels (MCVs) which can now transport containerized cargo in the Middle East region. 

Key highlights of this partnership:

• By establishing this new route using modified and efficient MCVs, P&O Maritime Logistics will play a crucial role in helping to reduce port congestion.
• The MCV “micro” feeder has the unique ability to bypass congestion by calling smaller berths, turning around at least twice faster compared to larger vessels on this shortsea route.
• This partnership with us marks the first time P&O Maritime Logistics will be trading in the Red Sea with containers on a liner basis between Port of Jeddah and Port of Sudan.
• This partnership will help debottleneck customer supply chains with the unique MCV vessel in the Middle East region.

By connecting Port of Jeddah – a key port between Europe and Asia – and Port of Sudan, will enable a faster-than-anticipated service to all customers by offering a liner route between the terminals – helping to reduce port congestion. The MCVs call at different terminals at both Jeddah and Port Sudan, underlining the possibility to export this solution to other port combinations worldwide.

This will be particularly useful on lower-volume, higher-frequency trade routes, such as the Red Sea & such niche feeders operating successfully forms a blueprint for further expansion with new and existing clients.

P&O Maritime Logistics partnership with us in expanding the containerized service is an perfect example of overall efforts to respond and adapt to wider industry changes.

The collaboration between us & P&O Maritime Logistics demonstrates DP World’s position as a truly multimodal and end-to-end solutions provider. 

Hui Khoon, COO, Network of Unifeeder (Asia & Africa) said: “Our new service with P&O Maritime Logistics marks our next expansion outside of Europe, and we are looking forward to growing our business in Africa and the Middle East. With continued growth in the containerized cargo business across the Red Sea, the new service will capitalize on the market opportunities.”

“Having worked together in Europe, we are familiar with P&O Maritime Logistics’ expertise and their modified MCV fleet will be particularly helpful in streamlining our operations.”

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