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Efficient supply chain solution for the movement of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) in India

Unifeeder initiated the first ever coastal movement of MEG from the Indian Oil Corporate facility in Paradip, India to Hazira, India. 

Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) MEG is predominantly used as a raw material in manufacture of Polyester Staple Fibres, Polyester Filament Yarns in the textile industry. MEG is also widely used by the chemical industry in products such as the coolant, break fluids, and unsaturated polyester resin to name a few.

In the last couple of years, a large quantity of MEG has been imported by the textile industry in the west coast of India from the Indian Oil Corporate MEG Facility at Paradip, located in the east coast of India.

However, the transport of MEG has been associated with high logistics costs due to the lack of a multimodal transportation alternative. Our client India Oil Corporation has been looking for an alternate mode of transportation to manage the costs associated with the movement of MEG.

We, at Unifeeder, understood the opportunity and presented a hybrid, cost effective multimodal supply chain solution to Indian Oil and their customers to create awareness regarding movement of MEG in ISO tanks. Our ISO tank containers are designed, tested and approved for the safe and efficient transportation of a broad range of liquid products such as MEG. While initially MEG was only transported through land transportation, with this new solution, we will now use a hybrid model of inland and coastal transportation of the raw material.

This re-engineered, digitized, multimodal supply chain solution will help in drastically reducing the logistics cost that impacts the competitiveness of the goods associated with MEG in the domestic market.  

The first vessel carrying 50 ISO tanks, sailed from Paradip to Hazira on 3rd May 2023.