Two new ports have been added - enhancing connectivity between Mozambique, Jebel Ali & India

We are happy to announce that we are adding two new ports to our Mozambique - India - Jebel Ali Service. Starting in August, we have added Beira, followed by Nhava Sheva in September.

The addition of these two ports will improve the connectivity between India, the Middle East, and East Africa. It will enable more efficient and swift supply chain solutions for customers who require transport services in these regions.

Beira, a strategic port located in Mozambique, plays a crucial role in connecting the landlocked countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi to global trade. Its strategic location and efficient infrastructure make it a key hub for commerce in the region. Being a major port in India, Nhava Sheva serves as the gateway to the vast Indian subcontinent. Situated near Mumbai, one of India's largest cities and a thriving business center, Nhava Sheva acts as a critical link between India and the rest of the world.

The addition of Nhava Sheva to the Mozambique Jebel Ali Service brings numerous benefits to businesses and individuals alike. With easier access to the Indian market, customers can now tap into the vast opportunities offered by the booming Indian economy. The improved connectivity between India, the Middle East, and Africa opens up new avenues for trade and collaboration, fostering economic growth and development in these regions. The synergy between these regions will undoubtedly create a ripple effect, benefiting not only the businesses involved but also the communities they serve.

By integrating these two ports into the existing supply chain network, customers can expect more efficient and reliable transport services. The seamless flow of goods and commodities between India, the Middle East, and East Africa will not only reduce transit times but also lower costs, benefiting businesses of all sizes. This enhanced connectivity will unlock new trade routes, allowing businesses to explore untapped markets and expand their reach.


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