Environmental Impact

As a logistics provider with an emphasis on sea carriage, Unifeeder recognizes that our activities have an impact on the environment.

The impact starts when the vessel is built, continues while it is in service and ends when it is scrapped. As a charterer of tonnage, Unifeeder carries part of the responsibility for making sure that at all stages conscious efforts are made to ensure the responsible use of resources and preservation of the environment. Unifeeder does not build vessels but aim at chartering modern, efficient and resource-saving vessels built at reputable shipyards. In the day-to-day operation, Unifeeder’s greatest direct influence is on fuel consumption and its resulting impacts, wherefore we continue to focus specifically on this parameter.

To optimize fuel consumption we focus on the following:

  • Developing and implementing systems solutions, alerting our operational staff when vessels travel at speed higher than expected, thereby enabling instant investigation and resolution
  • Revision of our bunker consumption reporting to increase accuracy and speed of reporting, thereby facilitating faster action
  • Further structuring of the way we work with improving the productivity of the port operation, thereby leaving more time for steaming, resulting in lower bunker consumption.

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