Bunker Adjustment Factor

Applicable surcharges: BAF and Low Sulphur

Low Sulphur Surcharge

As from 01.01.2020, the new UN IMO (International Maritime Organization at the United Nations) Low Sulphur Regulation will come into effect. All seagoing vessels worldwide will have to comply and reduce their sulphur emissions by that date. In most of Unifeeder's trading areas in Northern Europe, this has already been in effect for some years so the only change for Unifeeder Shortsea is traffic to/from Portugal, Spain and Ireland. As the cost of the Low Sulphur Fuel Oil is significantly higher than the present standard fuel oil being regulated monthly by the normal BAF, we will have to implement a Low Sulphur Surcharge as from 01.12.2019 for below traffics:

Low Sulphur Surcharge for all Unifeeder Traffics to/from Spain, Portugal and Ireland – EUR 38/teu - The Low Sulphur surcharge will be in addition to the existing BAF surcharge mentioned below.


Bunker Adjustment Factor

The BAF is reviewed on a monthly basis, and the BAF level is based on the average price for the range between the 15th and 14th of the preceding month. The new monthly BAF will be stated no later than on the 25th and will become effective on the 1st of the following month. With regards to other air pollutants, Unifeeder meets the strict environmental standards which apply to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in all its operations. Unifeeder also takes an active part in the work for environmental improvements at sea through the Danish Shipowners’ Association and supports the Danish Shipowners' Association's climate charter.


Shortsea BAF








APRIL 2020 425 105 35
MARCH 2020 505 125 43
FEBRUARY 2020  575 140 52
JANUARY 2020 550 135 49
DECEMBER 2019 546 135 49
NOVEMBER 2019 565 135 49
OCTOBER 2019 551 135 49
SEPTEMBER 2019 547 135 49


548 135 49

JULY 2019

554 135 49

JUNE 2019

595 145 55

MAY 2019

570 140 52

*Valid between Rotterdam/Antwerp/Dunkerque/Hamburg and UK Ports

Bunker costs (EUR) are based on:

  • Average bunker costs: Marine Gas Oil (MGO) FOB Barges 0.1% high Rotterdam.

  • Converted into EUR from USD at a daily rate of exchange, based on European Central Bank (ECB), official rates.

  • Based on the source: Platts, Bunkerwire, daily issue 
    'Platts is the leading global provider of energy and metals information, and the world's foremost source of price assessments in the physical energy markets.'

  • 7% will be added to the FOB Barges Platts index, due to environmental and handling costs