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Our carbon calculator gives you the freedom to crunch the numbers and show you the estimated CO2 emission for the entire transportation of your shipment, from pickup to final destination - whether it's rail, barge, vessel or a combined transport.

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A multimodal transport route couldn't be found between these cities.

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Standard 45ft container
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multimodal vs truck only

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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

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Unifeeder Graduate - Jonathan (2) (1)

Explore the business

Jonathan, MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Aarhus University

Jonathan chose the Unifeeder Graduate Program as it provides him the possibility to explore the business from different perspectives in several countries.

About the Unifeeder Graduate Program, Jonathan says:
“It has provided me a holistic business understanding. As I have been in various departments across several countries, I have seen how decisions affect other departments and their operations. I believe that to be a strong asset on my future career path”.

Unifeeder Graduate - Mads (2)

Make a real difference

Mads, MSc in International Business and Marketing from University of Southern Denmark

Mads chose the Unifeeder Graduate Program as he wanted to get hands-on experience in an international organization. As an Operations Graduate, he is in daily contact with many local Unifeeder offices, ports, and ships about how to operate as efficiently as possible. 

About the Unifeeder Graduate Program, Mads says: 
“I would highly recommend the program to all who are up for a challenge! You get to take on responsibility from the very beginning, work in a fast-paced environment, and meet new people from many cultures”.

Unifeeder Graduate - Katharina

Get an international perspective

Katharina, MSc in Strategy, Organization, and Leadership from Aarhus Univeristy

Katharina chose the Unifeeder Graduate program due to the international perspective. During her studies, she both studied in Denmark, Vietnam, Russia, and Hong Kong.

About the Unifeeder Graduate Program, Katharina says:
“It is a unique opportunity to kick-start an international career within shipping! We get the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and competencies through studies and hands-on experiences while integrating the Unifeeder DNA during the program. Additionally, we are supported all the way by our mentors who are experts in the field, which is a great privilege.”

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