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We keep your
supply chain flowing


COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and is starting to put major pressure on supply chains. You might be struggling in your current logistics setup but rest assured, Unifeeder’s shortsea transport remains fully operational and we are able to help you with your challenges. 

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Reliable solutions

We take your cargo to the finish line

In times of crisis, border security is intensified and whilst intra-European road transport is struggling with border closings, bottlenecks and delays, sea transport remains fully operational.

Our vessels, terminal partners, multimodal and equipment suppliers assure us they are accepting containers and operating on a ‘business as usual’ basis while staying safe which means that your cargo will keep moving if you choose Shortsea transportation. 
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Competitive price

For customized door-to-door solutions.

Multimodal transport is a cost-effective alternative to traditional road transport with little to no price fluctuations. Large-scale operations and efficient utilization of our network enable us to offer our customers highly competitive prices while creating customized door-to-door solutions.
As a logistic provider, it is our duty to keep the vital cargo moving, therefore we make special deals during COVID-19 for providers of critical goods like food, medicine, hygiene products, etc.

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Safety for your cargo

Low risk of contamination

Transporting with Unifeeder means that your cargo is moved in sealed, modern steel containers from door-to-door without any handling of the cargo in between. Thereby, you lower the risk of contamination and loss of your cargo as you reduce the human touchpoints along the ride. This also means a lower risk of illness amongst your staff.

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Scalable Capacity

We can accommodate demand fluctuations

With COVID-19, we are seeing increasing demands for certain goods and decreasing demands for others and multimodal transport is the perfect solution for fluctuating cargo volumes. Due to the size of our fleet, extensive network, and multiple sailings per week, Unifeeder is able to scale the capacity, cope with last-minute orders, changes, border closings, or delays by adding or rerouting cargo on an as-needed basis.

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No capacity constraints connected to lack of truck drivers

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the European Union was facing a shortage of almost 150,000 truck drivers making it one of the top 10 most difficult positions to fill. Today, with workers being sent home all across Europe due to sickness and safety preventions, the shortage is increasing. Every Unifeeder vessel takes as much as 800 truckloads on board and our 45" containers hold exactly the same amount of cargo as a traditional truck which is 33 EU pallets or 26 UK pallets.

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Benefits of Shortsea

Reasons to convert your cargo from road to sea

  • Achieve savings on your shipping
  • Choose the container size that fits your load
  • Get a robust supply chain with competitive lead times
  • Low switching costs from traditional trailer loads to 45" HCPW
  • Increase safety by shipping in sealed steel boxes
  • Help reduce traffic on congested European roads
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your supply chain
  • Benefit of working with the largest intra-European container carrier
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