Scalable capacity

We make sure capacity is available when you need it

Thanks to our extensive network of ports and more sailings we can help you to cope with last-minute orders, changes or delays by adding or rerouting cargo on an as-needed basis. Whether you face market-related or seasonal fluctuations, we will work with you, adjusting capacity to the best of our ability.


Every vessel takes as much as 800 truckloads on board and our 45’ containers hold exactly the same amount of cargo as traditional truck 33 EU pallets or 26 UK pallets.

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Shortsea in your organization


Rethink your logistics and make just-in-time delivery easy and safe by choosing Shortsea and reducing losses caused by theft and freight damage.



For every ship we fill, we can remove as much as 800 trucks of the European roads. This means less congestion, less emission and less risk of traffic accidents. 



Shortsea offers network, regularity and leadtimes which makes it a competitive alternative. Our vessels can load 800 45’ containers, which equals 800 truck loads.



At Unifeeder we are able to scale the capacity up and down based on the cargo flows, which means that you don't need to worry about capacity or whether your cargo will be moved.


8 reasons to choose the Green Corridor

  •   Achieve savings on your shipping 

  •   Choose the container size that fits your load

  •   Get a robust supply chain with competitive lead times

  •   Low switching costs from traditional trailer loads to 45' HCPW

  •   Increase safety by shipping in sealed steel boxes

  •   Help reduce traffic on congested European roads

  •   Reduce the environmental footprint of your supply chain

  •   Benefit of working with the largest intra-European container carrier
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