Reliable and well established multimodal service pre and post Brexit

Are you looking for a flexible and stable transport solution from Germany into the UK?

Our shortsea fitted service from Hamburg to Immingham is designed to meet highly demanding supply chain requirements and cannot only carry 45” containers but also special tank sizes. With Brexit looming in the horisont, many uncertainties over the future trading relationship remain but with our Hamburg-Immingham service, we are able to accommodate current and future challenges as well as other post Brexit impacts:


Key Service Benefits:

  • Weekly departures, scalable capacity and short lead-times
  • Environmentally sound transport due to MGO usage only
  • Easy and smooth customs clearance, handled by local agents (import/export)
  • Vessels can carry 45” containers and special tank containers (SWAP) and 30” SWB
  • Safe and secure transport in sealed containers
  • Track and Trace cargo at

    For more information please contact:


    Lennart Baron



    John Alexander


    Tank & Bulk

    Stefan Jansen


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    Operational Schedule

    Day-to-day overview of departures and arrivals

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