Ranheim Paper & Board chooses the green alternative

In 2018, Ranheim Paper & Board wanted to make a sustainable change to their supply chain and thus switched from trucking to shortsea thereby emitting 62% less CO2 when transporting goods between their paper mill at Ranheim, Norway to their printing plant in Vienna, Austria.

2,400 km. That is the distance from Trondheim, Norway to Vienna, Austria and also the distance between Ranheim Paper & Board's paper mill and printing plant.

Ranheim Paper & Board takes the environment seriously, they use 100% recycled paper in their production, and in 2018 they wanted to make a sustainable impact on their supply chain which they obtained by switching from trucking to shortsea. 


"Until now, we have used trucking services exclusively and 14,000 trucks have been transported to and from our factory annually. We have a strong desire to become more environmentally friendly and therefore we have now entered into an agreement to use shortsea transport from Trondheim to Vienna."

Trond Ole Winther, Supply Chain Manager, Ranheim Paper & Board



Rethinking Logistics and Saving CO2

Unifeeder is honored to collaborate with companies who are eager to rethink the boundaries of logistics and find more sustainable transport solutions. The European roads are overcrowded and with shortsea, Unifeeder find smarter ways to move any type of cargo using the best combination of sea, rail and road. By switching from trucking to shortsea, Ranheim Paper & Boards reduces the use of trucks from 2,400 km. to 24 km. per route and emits 62% less CO2.


"Approximately 15,000 tonnes, or about 600 containers, per year will now be transported by rail and boat instead of truck. We thus save our own environment a lot of pollution and traffic as well as save the European region a total of 1816 tonnes of CO2 emission."

Trond Ole Winther, Supply Chain Manager, Ranheim Paper & Board


8 Reasons to Choose Shortsea

At Unifeeder we believe that shortsea is a strong and competitive mode of transportation for intra-European supply chains. We hope that more companies will step away from traditional trucking and explore environmental-friendly as well as cost-efficient options which is just some of the reasons to switch to shortsea:

  • Achieve savings on your shipping 
  • Choose the container size that fits your load
  • Get a robust supply chain with competitive lead times
  • Low switching costs from traditional trailer loads to 45' HCPW
  • Increase safety by shipping in sealed steel boxes
  • Help reduce traffic on congested European roads
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your supply chain
  • Benefit of working with the largest intra-European container carrier

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