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Shortsea Services

A cleaner, safer & more economical supply chain

Unifeeder’s Shortsea Services provides European customers with fully multimodal door to door solutions, combining shortsea transportation with road and/or rail. Unifeeder tailors solutions to suit individual needs using our extensive network and frequent connections.

When it comes to key factors such as safety, lead time, emissions and cost, Shortsea is a highly competitive alternative to conventional road transport. 

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Why work at Unifeeder


Shortsea offers network, regularity and leadtimes which makes it a competitive alternative.

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At Unifeeder we are able to scale the capacity up and down based on the cargo flows and seasonal fluctuations.

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Ship safely in sealed containers and reduce losses of your valuable cargo caused by theft and freight damage.

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For every ship we fill, we can remove as much as 800 trucks from congested, European roads.

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The most extensive intra European coverage

Geographically, our market stretches from Ireland in the west to Russia in the east, and from south of the Alps to the Norwegian fjords. Since seaborne transport can replace or complement other transport modes, especially trucking, the market potential for our door-to-door offering is substantial. 

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At Unifeeder we believe that Shortsea is a strong and competitive mode of transportation for intra-european supply chains. We are proud to have built and offer the largest network in Europe. With our unique and  customer-centric intermodal solutions  we are shaping the future of Shortsea Services.

Timm Niebergall

Director of Shortsea Services

Benefits of Shortsea
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