Do you still rely on generic data for your CO2 calculation? 

This is now about to change!



The industry practice is to use historic, generic data for calculating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission. But now you can get access to your actual emissions at specific TEU level. Get real data instead with the new tool - Actual Emission Tracker

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Via the Actual Emission Tracker your data is based on real life data of the actual voyage, including:

  • Routing - down to specific TEU level
  • Weather conditions
  • Actual utilization of capacity of the specific vessel
  • Simple and intuitive tool
  • Terminal handling*

  • Land-based transport*

"Want to create change, progress, lower emission? Your journey forward begins here."


*The data is precise and accurate regarding the emission stemming from the sea leg of the logistics chain. So far, emission data related to terminal handling and land-based transport is not available at the needed detail level, but Unifeeder is working persistently on obtaining such data from our suppliers. In the interim Unifeeder is relying on the international standards published in GLEC. The Tracker will be updated continuously, improving the accuracy for these parts as well.

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