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Standard 45ft container
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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

Booking with Unifeeder

We are ready to support your supply chain with sophisticated logistic solutions.
With Unifeeder as a door-to-door supplier, you will be able to scale your business and enjoy the ease of booking your containerized transports with us.
Follow this guideline to learn how it works!
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Follow the timeline below, and you will be guided through the booking process in 5 steps

Please notice the little red "i" at the pictures - here you find additional information and explanation of the process:

1. Booking request

Following information is mandatory for the booking request:

1. Quote number

2. Container details
- Quantity, size, and type

3. Cargo details
- Description, gross weight, IMO details

4. Information about customs status

5. Document receivers
- Booking confirmation, B/L, arrival notice

6. Chassis bookings
- Arrival date at POL terminal, equipment collection date

7. Loading reference

8. Door collection details
- Expected collection date, place of collection (address, company name), contact details of loading place

9. Door delivery details
- Expected delivery date, place of delivery (address, company name), contact details of unloading place

10. Reefer Containers
 - Reefer temperature

11. Shippers own container
 - Return details (depot, return reference)

12. Reference number for booking

To secure a smooth handling of your shipment, your booking request must be sent latest 48 hours before stuffing and contain mandatory information. 

2. Booking confirmation

Please make notice of the following. 

1. The booking confirmation contains planned shipment details.

2. Once we have received Your booking request, following operational arrangements will be organized by us where possible:

  • Collection date and time will be agreed with exporter, if not already agreed

  • Haulage capacity will be confirmed, and haulage will be booked

  • Your booking is assigned to intended vessel

3. After finalizing the arrangements above, You will receive a booking confirmation
from us within 24 hours.

You will receive the booking confirmation latest 24 hrs after you have submitted the booking request. The booking confirmation contains planned shipment details.


3. Bill of Lading Instruction, VGM & Customs

1. Address details

Full address details for Shipper, Consignee, notify

2. Container number

3. Seal number

4. Invoice reference

Whenever for further invoice processing any reference number is needed, please send it to us together with BL instruction

5. VGM
VGM – for more details please click here. If you are not able to deliver those data, You can always purchase weighting service from Unifeeder

6. Cargo details
Description of goods:

  • Cargo gross weight
  • Type and quantity of packages
  • HS code (for RU and non-EU (N-status) import to LT)
  • IMO details
    (IMO details including Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD), and Packaging certification. Applicable for all Dangerous Goods classified by IMDG Code. All documentation must meet requirements laid down by this code)

7. Reefer temperature

For reefer containers only

8. Export documentation & customs

  • MRN number(s) together with applicable Customs Documentation

  • For all goods shipped from EU to non-EU countries (RU/GB/NO etc.) and from GB to EU/non-EU countries Export Declaration is requested or T1 for non-EU cargo from EU country to other EU or non-EUR country


  • Where and when applicable, relevant customs documents and MRN numbers must be supplied before local deadlines. Your operational contact will be in close dialogue with you in this regard.

  • It is the responsibility of exporters and importers to secure a proper customs-documentation of their cargo. Should it be desired, we are glad to assist.


  • Without customs release, containers cannot be shipped.
  • Without import clearance, containers cannot be delivered.

9. Export order number

Only for exports from Russia

10.  SOC

  • SOC tare weight
  • If door delivery in country of destination: Return reference and depot for empty containers.

In order to secure a proper transportation of your shipment, you are obliged to provide us with requested information right after stuffing, and latest prior local documentation cut off.
(For cut off and closing date and time always contact your local Unifeeder office)

4. Bill of Lading and e-invoice

The Bill of Lading is your proof of shipment.

  • The e-invoice will be sent as a PDF file with all payment details.

  • The Bill of Lading will be sent via email after vessel departure.

  • The e-invoice is issued 48 hours after vessel departure.

Please make sure that email addresses of receivers for Bill of Lading and e-invoices are correct.

The Bill of Lading is your proof of shipment. The related invoice contains all payment details, and will be sent to you as a PDF file.

5. Notice of arrival

1. After discharge from vessel, containers will be released for pick-up. For door delivery, the container will be delivered according to agreement.
2. The Consignee must confirm the container delivery date & time
if not already pre-defined.

3. Offered free times for port storage and container demurrage
are to be observed.

4. If import clearance is applicable, delivery cannot be arranged until cargo has been released by national customs authorities.

The Notice of Arrival advises you when the container is arriving and available in the Port of Discharge.

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If any questions arise

Do not hesitate to reach out to your OKAM in case you have any questions or queries!

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