Timm Niebergall - New Shortsea Director 

Unifeeder is pleased to announce the appointment of Timm Niebergall as the new director of Shortsea services.

Timm Niebergall has been part of Unifeeder for the past 10 years and during that time has carried out a variety of roles, most recently as Regional Director West & Central Europe. We strongly believe that his background and industry knowledge are assets that will complement and enhance Shortsea growth strategy and strengthen its customer relationships.


“I am excited to take on a challenge of managing the Shortsea business unit. I believe that Shortsea is a strong and competitive mode of transportation for intra-European supply chains. With our unique and customer-centric intermodal solutions, we hope to further shape the future of Shortsea Services.”
Says Timm Niebergall, the new shortsea director.


About Unifeeder Shortsea:


Unifeeder Shortsea provides European customers with fully intermodal door to door solutions. We find smarter ways to move any type of cargo, using the best combination of sea, rail, and road. With more than 40 years in the business and as part of Europe’s strongest feeder operator, we offer the extensive network, regularity, and lead-times necessary to make shortsea a highly competitive alternative to conventional road transport.

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