Outsourcing is in

Wouldn’t you like a service provider that can adjust capacity to exactly what you require and only charge you for what is being delivered? No excess, no waste, no lost opportunities. Unifeeder provides a fully flexible outsourcing option – pay-as-you-go.

Too good and yet true
It may sound like magic but is nevertheless a reality for all of Unifeeder’s international container shipping clients. Some of them even have the necessary volume to run their own feeders, but volumes can fluctuate heavily from week to week on each destina¬tion making it hard to have just the right capacity every time. Even if their own vessels are not utilised these companies will still need to pay for them, and excess cargo will have to either wait for the next own vessel or be transported with a commercial feeder at short notice.

Unifeeder’s solution
As an alternative to operating their own feeder vessels, the international shipping lines may outsource the feeder business. Unifeeder´s solution is competitive with a clear and transparent cost structure. The concept is flexible and responds fast to changes in the market. It lets the customer act as if the outsourced solution is produced by the customer itself. Unifeeder’s network and organisation are working around the clock, every day to give the highest service to the customers.

Unifeeder has been a reliable partner to all of the international container shipping lines for years. Having won the trust and confidence of the customers, Unifeeder has been able to learn more about their business and to see how Unifeeder can further improve its offering.

The world’s largest shipping company chose Unifeeder
Maersk Line had been sailing with own feeder vessels between Bremerhaven and a number of destinations in the Nordic countries and in the Baltics. Since Unifeeder took care of some of that business, Maersk Line no longer bears the cost for underutilised departures and has a solution for excess volumes on these routes. Unifeeder’s tailormade outsourced feeder solutions include services and communication networks that are fully integrated with Maersk Line. Indeed, the solutions are so tailormade that the customer experiences and manages them as if they were in-house products.