Unifeeder Strikes Back

In March 2010 some 3,400 Finnish stevedores went on strike bringing Finnish foreign trade to a standstill. Unifeeder however worked harder than ever.

Two weeks after the end of the strike Unifeeder had completely removed the thousands of containers that had been piling up in ports in Finland and on the Continent.

Containers piled up
An eerie silence met visitors at the quays in Finnish ports in March 2010. Cranes stood completely still for two weeks. Not only did outbound containers pile up in Finland. Containers destined for Finland in the continental ports were also affected. Some 50,000 containers were left stranded.

Customers were informed
Long before the strike hit Finland, Unifeeder went into emergency mode. Keeping customers informed was a top priority. General information updates and frequent phone calls on a customer by customer basis made sure no one was left in the dark.

Managing the complications
By re-routing vessels that under normal circumstances should have gone to and from Finland, Unifeeder succeeded in maintaining a high utilisation ratio. The capacity management department in Aarhus coordinated the efforts and ensured tight management of operational issues as well as efficient problem solving to identify the best solutions.

Foresight paid off
During the strike, Unifeeder was in close contact with terminals, authorities and customers in Finland and on the Continent. The issue? To get the cargo moving as fast as possible and in the best possible way once the strike would end.

Due to the preparations, Unifeeder was the only carrier to be back on schedule the day after the strike ended. Extra tonnage was deployed specifically for the piled up cargo in both Finland and the hub ports. 14 days after the strike ended each and every container was on its way again.

Agility is the answer
Dramatic as the strike may seem, it is in no way unique to Unifeeder whose expert skills in dealing with contingencies has brought the company the trust of its customers for more than 30 years.