VGM implementation

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention to demand Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for containers before they can be loaded on board a container vessel.

Please note that the below will be applicable for Unifeeder shipments as from 01.07.2016.

      What information does Unifeeder need?
      “VGM weight” explicitly named as such (total weight incl. container).

      Deadline for VGM?
      VGM must be included in the final load list or the container cannot be stowed for the intended departure. Where possible, Unifeeder will maintain the present local deadlines as for final and complete cargo details. We still await more terminal to take final decisions and as soon as known, we will inform you locally about our final VGM deadlines.

      How to pass on VGM information?
      You are to give Unifeeder the VGM information by EDI. If you cannot provide information by EDI, we need you to add the VGM information in writing to the usual messages and methods already established with us.

      In gate/delivery at terminals?
      Procedures will depend on the individual terminal’s decisions and agreements.
At the moment, we are still waiting for most countries to finalize their legislation as well as for terminal information on how to handle VGM.

We are not yet aware of the economic consequences of the new VGM regulations or the potential cost implications for the carriers.

Find more details here:
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