About Feeder services

Unifeeder operates the best connected and largest feeder network in Europe. In 2013 we acquired United Feeder Services (UFS) and they operates as part of the Unifeeder group in the entire Mediterranean ranging from Poti in the Black Sea to Bilbao in the Atlantic.

We act as a vital link for international container shipping lines by providing them with easy coverage of ports and regions beyond their reach. We help to ensure that goods flow between destinations in Northern Europe and all over the world. The Unifeeder network forms a crucial part of regional and global supply chains.

Working in fixed schedules, our vessels provide rapid service from large hubs to and from smaller ports.

Any type of containerised cargo can be carried, including refrigerated containers, tank containers, out-of-gauge units and dangerous (IMDG) goods.

The hallmarks of our service are flexibility and agility. Whether identifying and exploring new and strategic opportunities for our clients or dealing with contingencies on a daily basis, Unifeeder takes pride in its responsiveness. Unifeeder’s customer base comprises all major international container shipping lines.