Conditions of Carriage - Russia / CIS and the Baltic States

All transport is performed according to the terms and conditions of the relevant Unifeeder Combined Transport Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading. Furthermore, below terms and conditions are applicable :

Any pre- or oncarriage via port is always effected by sub carriers. The Carrier does not guarantee any transit time due to the prevailing circumstances in Russia /CIS and the Baltic Countries.

The freight excludes inter alia public fees, taxes, VAT, duties, custom clearance / transit charges or disbursements for the goods. Such dues, as well as other extra cost required for the transport and advanced by the Carrier, will be charged separately to the freight payer.

Frost sensitive and perishable cargo, declared as such, as well as dangerous cargo, shall be subject to prior arrangement and approval. The Carrier is not responsible for cargo damage due to weather situation being either freezing or heating temperature.

The Carrier shall not be liable for any inadequate or incorrect customs clearance, for instance incidents of special conditions relating to invoicing - misdeclaration of the goods and their market value and non-fulfilment of the duty to present a letter of guarantee - and the Merchant undertakes to indemnify the Carrier against any and all expenses/costs incurred by the Carrier in connection therewith, including claims for payment of customs duties and other duties, taxes, charges, fees and fines, and against any other expenses the Carrier may incur for the purpose of releasing assets which are owned or controlled by the Carrier and in respect whereof the public authorities have exercised a lien, levied execution or in any other manner taken measures to restrict the owner's right of control or possession, regardless of whether such measures have been taken against the background of the transport assignment concerned, and regardless of whether such measures have been taken by the Carrier or by any other carrier who is independent of the said forwarder.

Where authorities have issued special instructions as to the marking, packing, declaring, etc. of particular goods (e.g. dangerous goods), the Merchant has a duty to ensure that the obligations so placed upon him are in every respect complied with. The Merchant has a duty to hold the Carrier harmless for all consequences of:

  • incorrect, unclear or incomplete information concerning the goods,
  • the goods being insufficiently packed, marked, declared, etc.
  • his having badly loaded and stowed the goods, e.g. on lorry, railway wagon, pallet or container and the like;
  • the goods having such dangerous characteristics which the Carrier could not reasonably have foreseen,
  • the Carrier - except when he has incurred liability according the UniFeeder Bill of Lading - being obliged to pay duty or official taxes or providing security or otherwise being exposed to claims from third parties, provided it can be proved that the customer has been the cause thereof.

In case there is any discrepancy between Carrier’s Standard Conditions of Carriage and these additional clauses, the latter shall prevail but no further.