Equipment Agreement

Any customer or forwarder (Merchant) wishing to arrange own land carriage of our containers are subject to signing below Equipment Agreement :

Merchant : (name of Merchant)

Carrier : Unifeeder A/S, Aarhus

Free time for demurrage:

Port of loading: Russia and Baltic Countries: 10 days free, all other ports: 4 days free.
Port of discharge: Russia and Baltic Countries: 10 days free, all other ports: 7 days free.
Demurrage after that is EUR 15/teu/day, payable by the Merchant as mentioned above. Documentation in general as well as storage costs in ports are not included.

Payment terms:

Payment terms is Net Cash.


Normal cargo insurance is to be arranged by Shipper or Consignee.


By signing this agreement, the Merchant as mentioned above guarantee that they will assume responsibility for the replacement value of containers lost as per this agreement.

General conditions:

“The Merchant is responsible for delivery being taken and for the return of the empty container(s) with interiors, brushed and clean to the point or place designated by the Carrier, his servants or Agents within the time agreed. Should delivery not be taken or the container(s) not be returned within the agreed time, the Merchant shall be liable for any demurrage, loss or expenses which may arise. If delivery is not taken or the container(s) is (are) not returned within 30 days, unless another period is agreed in writing, then the container(s) shall be considered lost, and the Merchant shall be liable for the replacement value in accordance with Carrier’s invoice”.

Shipped in accordance with the conditions and clauses of Unifeeder’s standard non-negotiable bill of lading as well as Unifeeder ‘Conditions of Carriage - Russia / CIS and the Baltic States’ dated 15.09.98 where applicable.

This agreement is subject to change without notice by the Carrier.

Accepted, stamped and signed

(city), (date)

(name of Merchant)