In a short sea environment like the Baltic sea where Unifeeder operates, many factors have an impact on the vessel schedules. To provide our customers with a stabile service, we are regularly updating our vessel schedules – e.g. by swapping vessels to fulfil our engagements according to our master schedule.

To keep our customers automatically update with the latest changes, the Unifeeder schedule is broadcasted via EDI.

Communication flow

The following diagram is an overview of the one-way broadcast of the Unifeeder EDI schedule. It is part of the general Customer - Unifeeder workflow depicted on the EDI Possibilities page

Every night. the Unifeeder EDI schedule can be sent to you either by FTP or as an attachment to an email.


We trust that our customers, like us, appreciate the benefits of EDI, and would like to improve our business relationship. For further details and support please contact the Unifeeder IT-department: Unifeeder It-department (it@unifeeder.com)

Depending on the format and number of adjustments, we expect an implementation time of 2 – 4 weeks per communication process.