A Steady Flow of Containers

Outbound challenge

Nokian Tyres has a clear growth strategy, a strong brand and has recently launched a state-of-the-art production facility near St. Petersburg that operates around the clock. The question was – Would the logistic capacity for the outbound cargo flows be sufficient?

Nokian’s European customers demanded stock building at strategic locations throughout Europe for certain periods of time over the year. It was essential that capacity was available for free flow of goods out of the new production facilities.

Floating conveyor belt solved the problem
Unifeeder’s service enables loading tyres into Unifeeder’s containers at the factory, any day of the week, including weekends, and at any time during the day. As soon as the containers are fully loaded they are moved to the port of St. Petersburg where they are taken aboard a Unifeeder vessel that brings them to the port of Hamburg. Nokian does not even have to decide on their final destination until they reach the distribution hub of Hamburg. A flexible solution with little capital tied up. In essence, Unifeeder’s vessels function as a floating conveyor belt.

Unifeeder’s solution is truly intermodal. Trucks, trains and vessels are combined throughout the journey that stretches from the factory outside St. Petersburg to the large network of tyre dealers in Continental Europe. All steps of the process are carefully monitored and planned to ensure seamless and trouble-free delivery. Unifeeder ensures the end user a good grip and a safe and environmentally friendly journey.

Nokian Tyres plc is a world renowned manufacturer of tyres for cars, trucks, heavy duty equipment and bicycles. It started in Finland in 1898, as Suomen Gummitehdas Oy, (Finnish rubber factory). Passenger car tyres were first produced in 1932 and the company’s best-known brand, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta tyre, was introduced in 1936. Nokian concentrates on products which are growing in demand more rapidly than the overall market. Its core products include car winter tyres, ultra high performance summer tyres and tyres for forestry industry vehicles.